Social Media Marketing

Your customers demand to be heard!

One of the most important components of a successful inbound marketing campaign is an active, vibrant social media presence. It is on these platforms that you engage customers and prospects, develop valuable lead lists and avoid potential disasters by “listening” to social media.

Your social media strategy must be comprehensive, well-planned and geared to the interests of those who are in the market for your offerings. There are certain things to consider when developing a social media strategy:

Do you have a clear picture of your audience? It’s absolutely necessary in order to select the platforms and provide the content that resonates most with them. Your goal is to engage them in conversation, not merely “talk at” them. In the social media world, it’s all about sharing.

What kind of business do you have? Your customer demographics (age, gender, interests) play a huge part in determining which platforms you should utilize. For example, a high-level law practice would certainly want to have a professional company page on LinkedIn while a neighborhood sports bar would benefit more from Facebook’s more casual atmosphere.

Again, it depends on the type of business to determine what content should be promoted. Infographics and white papers are right for professional or information-complex businesses, while videos, photo galleries and contest promotions work best for consumer product and leisure businesses. There’s also a balance to strike between created and curated content. Gardner Marketing Solutions can create — and find — the right content for you.