PPC Advertising

There are many benefits to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising:

It's measurable and accountable

You can track how many people view your ad and the percentage that click to visit your website or call. Tracking tools allow you to see the actual sales your website is generating as a direct result of your advertising efforts, and you can get extremely granular to see precisely which ads are performing, how much they’re delivering and what demographics are converting.

You have full control — you choose the time, the target and the budget.

You have unlimited flexibility and creativity

When you run a print ad, that’s it. What goes out is what you get, so if your message doesn’t pull, you have to spend more money on research, creative and insertions to try again. It’s the same way with broadcast.

With PPC advertising, you can constantly monitor the results your ads are or aren’t getting, and you can make almost instantaneous adjustments. You can quickly change your creative, change your placements — even change your audience! PPC allows you to pinpoint your message to, and only pay for, the customers you want.

Adwords_2You'll reach the right people at the right time

PPC gives you the ability to be discovered by customers precisely when they’re searching for the products or services you offer. With a combination of the right keywords and the right targeting, your business can be found by someone a few blocks away at the moment they need you!

And in today’s mobile world, you need to be able to target your customers all the time, whether they’re on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. PPC advertising helps you to do that.
With literally hundreds of advertising options and hundreds of thousands of placements to choose from, you need an expert PPC strategist to help you. And that’s where Gardner Marketing Solutions comes in. We provide the content, recommend the ad types and targets, and help you to navigate the vast yet profitable world of PPC.